Developed to fulfill the need for a reliable concrete anchor

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Our business called for an anchor that would not corrode or be pulled from the bore hole and it needed to achieve and maintain a very high torque value. As a design-build contractor of pedestrian bridges, marine docks and platforms, we are often faced with bedrock bases and shorelines, this is a very hard and solid substrate. If a reliable connection could be made to this material , it would greatly enhance the installation of our structures. As well, it could be more aesthetically beneficial eliminating the need for heavy concrete piers in which anchoring is cast in cement.

We used various types of concrete anchors from top manufacturers and we found that a strictly mechanical anchor( one that relied on an expanding sleeve or conical undercut) could not achieve or maintain adequate torque. These anchors were also subject to corrosion and the extreme conditions and exposure to weather and freeze thaw cycles made them a poor choice. We attempted installations with a chemical anchoring (epoxy resin) and although they were more effective, they were unfortunately exposed to an effect known as “epoxy creep” where the threaded stud and epoxy grout would work its way out of the borehole. It was also difficult to perfectly align the threaded stud in the bore as they would sometimes shift during the curing process.

Having dealt with these issues, we needed an efficient cost effective method to anchor our structures, so we set out to design a system that would combine the benefits of a mechanical anchor that could engage the superior substrate we had to work with, in our case bed rock, but also maintain the corrosion resistance and bonding quality of a chemical anchoring method.

The result was the Bennett Fastener™ and in the past 10 years we have used this product on projects without compromise.

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