Concrete fastening solutions for the most dynamic and demanding applications.

Meets the demands and requirements for Civil Projects

The Bennett Fastener is a customizable concrete anchoring system, with simple production design changes, it can achieve maximum performance in terms of its dynamic holding ability and the versatility for fixture. We would like the opportunity to work with designers and engineers to have our method included in project design. Bennett Fasteners are the only true under cut anchor, for ceiling suspension of any kind it cannot be matched in terms of holding power and overall performance.

Excellent anchoring solution for your Commercial Building needs

Bennett fasteners can be used as an excellent all round general duty concrete anchor for construction and other commercial/industrial uses. Bennett fasteners offer an advanced system for concrete attachment as effective as wet embedding with greater resistance to corrosion.

Perfect fastening solution for Builders

Bennett fasteners can be used at the home, cottage or shop. They are a final and reliable fastening solution for attaching to concrete or stone. Bennett fasteners achieve a solid no slip connection that can effectively achieve and maintain high torque. They have a wide range of uses, they offer excellent resistance to corrosion and they will not be loosened from vibration or freeze thaw cycles.

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