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The Bennett Fastener™ concrete anchors can be easily aligned and hold securely in an exact predetermined layout location. They completely resist corrosion by having almost zero contact with the corrosive substrate and as a result of the defined undercut produced in the borehole, they do not succumb to loosening or “epoxy creep”. Additionally, they can be tightened and will maintain torque values without ever loosening like other systems.

Bennett Fastener™ aligned during installation

Bennett Fasteners™ Concrete Anchors are Trusted Globally by Industrial and Civil Projects

These projects are demanding applications that are subject to dynamic forces that include over head suspension of heavy loading. Our product has been used as a repair procedure for existing methods that have come into question because of failures with similar applications. The Bennett Fastener™ Concrete Anchors have been adapted to work with conventional tools and is now available to the consumer for residential jobs. Bennett Fasteners™ are highly effective anchors for concrete attachment, unlike other post installed mechanical anchors that rely on friction against the walls of a borehole using of a sleeve or wedge, the Bennett Fastener Concrete Anchor produces a defined undercut and attachment that does not lose torque or loosen by slipping or concrete relax, even when exposed to vibration, expansion or contraction within the stone or concrete.

The Bennett Fastener™ Concrete Anchor is hybrid system that combines a unique mechanical connection solidified by an epoxy grouting

Our system will stabilize and bond the works and encapsulate the fastener within the borehole eliminating corrosive contact with the concrete/stone. It is a unique concept for concrete attachment more effective than even embedding anchor bolts in cement.

Bennett Fasteners™ Concrete Anchor can be used for the most dynamic and demanding applications. Bennett Fasteners™ Concrete Anchors come zinc plated in 4 stock sizes designed to perform optimally in 30 mpa concrete, Bennett Fasteners™ can also be manufactured using stainless steel and can be produced in alternate sizes to increase the fasteners anchoring depth or to adjust thread exposure for varying attachment requirements. The efficient design of the concrete fastener allows it to be fully customizable. Our four stock sizes will out perform any type of concrete anchor post installed or wet embedded and can be used for many applications. The hybrid design benefits from the corrosion resistance of epoxy and a unique mechanical connection that truly connects to the base of a bored hole in concrete or stone. The Bennett Fastener™ Concrete Anchor, although a hybrid anchoring system, will be defined as an epoxy application. The ability to manufacture product for varying depths using all grades and types of steel can produce maximized connection to all substrate.

Our system reduces installer liability by having the anchor set before grouting reducing air pockets, premature curing and wasted materials. The filler cap acts to align the stud to layout marks, and holds it in place for curing it also seals the borehole from air contact allowing the epoxy to produce increased “wetted” contact to substrate surfaces.

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