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Concrete Anchor Fastener Kit 7/8 Inch


Bennett fasteners are the most effective anchors for concrete attachment. Unlike other post installed mechanical anchors that rely on friction against the walls of a borehole by the use of a sleeve or wedge, the Bennett Fastener produces a defined undercut and attachment that does not lose torque or loosen by slipping, even when exposed to vibration or expansion/contraction within the stone or concrete.

The Bennett Fastener is a hybrid system that combines a unique mechanical connection with an epoxy grouting to absolutely solidify the works and encapsulate the fastener within the bore hole having no corrosive contact with the concrete/stone. It is a unique concept for concrete attachment and more effective than embedding anchor bolts in cement. The Bennett Fastener can be used for the most dynamic and demanding applications.

What's included:

  • 4 Bennett Fastener's
  • 4 Caps
  • 1 Cutting tool
  • 1 Bennett Fastener 2-part Epoxy Adhesive

Handling Properties

Mix Ratio


Mechanical Properties

Thermal Properties

Concrete Anchor Fastener Kit 7/8 Inch
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