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Can we use Powers epoxy with your fastener?

The Bennett fastener has been tested successfully with 2 part construction epoxies by leading producers.We provide separate data for the two components of our system chemical and mechanical, individual resins and the bonding and solidification they achieve can be factored with the performance of systems mechanical component. When using any epoxy resin consider the working temperatures of the product to insure the best filling and wetting of the works and bore hole.

Can Bennett fasteners be used without the epoxy then be removed as temporary application?

Bennett fasteners can be used with a removable spacer in place of Epoxy grouting for temporary connections, this method has been used for certain safety rigging a set-ups. Bennett fasteners can be removed using a stick magnet to reach down the borehole and retract the extended plates from the undercut.

Can Bennett fasteners be used outside?

Bennett fasteners are zinc plated and have a “very good” rating for corrosion resistance in exterior applications. We offer alternate finishes for special order product or stainless steel for the most demanding implementation.

Can Bennett fasteners be used to replace 5/8” sleeve anchors that have loosened?

Bennett fasteners can be used to replace other methods because the Bennett fastener uses a larger borehole, in this case if your sleeve anchors can be removed, the existing borehole can be drilled out and the Bennett faster installed in its same location. if the sleeve anchor can not be pulled out a thin walled core bit can be used to over cut the entire works and the core and sleeve anchor removed and a Bennett fastener installed in its place.

Are Bennett fasteners certified for seismic retrofitting?

Bennett Fasteners have been certified for use on specific applications, and can be a key component to seismic retrofitting designs.

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