Product Specifications

Mechanical Anchor Loads

Factored Values based on CSA A23.3 Annex D, 2004. This table represents typical values achievable with Bennett Fastener anchors based on the assumptions listed below.

Calculation Assumptions:

  • Bennett Fastener concrete anchor installed to instructions
  • Single anchor away from effects of other anchors & edges
  • Steel yield strength of 370 MPa
  • Steel ultimate strength of 440 MPa
  • Concrete comprehensive strength of 20 MPa
  • Concrete thickness large enough to not effect anchor strength
  • Brittle steel
  • No concrete reinforcing

Technical Documents

Fastener Drawings

Detailed drawings of our fasteners identifying materials and dimensions

Anchor Test Plan

The purpose of this testing is to establish the strength and behavior of of the hybrid anchoring system developed by Bennett Fasteners and to show compliance with the required building codes.

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